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Changing Things Around Us

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Chocolate Island retouch.jpg One of the more common arguments I hear against climate change is that it's not possible for humans to change the world around us on a global scale. I find that argument quite ironic, because it often comes from people who then brag about how humans have managed to control the environment around us. Building cities, taming rivers, flattening hills and mountains for roads. The fact of the matter is that we can have huge impacts on the world around us.

There is a reason for the photograph above in relation to this post. I took this picture on an island that we kayaked to while on holidays on Saltspring Island in BC last week. What looks like a white sandy beach isn't. It's actually broken shells, and is not a natural occurring beach. The natives that lived in the region ate shellfish, and this was one of the many beaches that they used to clean shellfish. It makes sense that they would do this away from their village because of the smell from piles of shells. Historians figure that the same beaches were used for thousands of years and the shells piled up. A beach changed forever by human activity, and still noticeable today. I found that idea quite profound. If a population of humans that numbered in the thousands or tens of thousands could change the look of an island through their activities, what are 6.7 billion people capable of doing?

I think the main obstacle to convince people that they should do something about the environment is to convince them that we do have a large impact on our environment, and that we can cause changes on a global scale. I sometimes find it hard to believe that some people can't see these things, but when I start to think about modern lifestyle it does make sense. We spend our lives in our homes venturing out to head to work and shop. We spend most of our time in large cities or in the case of rural Manitoba surrounded by farms. All man made environments. We have separated ourselves from world's environment.

If there was one thing that I think people should do to convince them that we are damaging the earth, I think they should get out into the wilderness. Hike, camp, canoe, kayak, or any other activity that gets them away from a man made environment. From there people can better see how much we have already changed our environment, and how quickly we are continuing to do it.

Harvest Update

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Five_Pounder Well we've pulled some more stuff out of our garden. Check out the whole list of produce we grown here. Best thing we've grown so far, a 5 lb 3.5 oz zucchini shaped like a club. Amanda has baked with some of the zucchinis, but probably have 8 lbs of zucchini in the fridge. What to do, what to do?

2010 Garden Harvest

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I have added a static page on the site of my harvest for 2010. Check back to see what else I've managed to grow. This year is turning out to be a great year for a vegetable garden. I haven't had to water once, and the garden is growing fast and thick. The old garden is not doing as well, it's been staying too wet and the plants are not able to stand, and some are even rotting a bit. That highlights the point I made before about raised bed gardens being superior in some ways.

Harvest_2010_1 Harvest_2010_2 Check it out here: Harvest 2010

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